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Giving Circle



The GACAR Giving Circle is dedicated to improving our community through the power of collective giving. The GACAR Giving Circle will significantly impact the work of the agencies that fulfill our mission as well as enhance the act of giving through collaboration.



The mission of the GACAR Giving Circle is to address and improve the housing needs of local residents.

The goal of the GACAR Giving Circle is to:

  • Support philanthropy through collective giving to maximize our impact on the community
  • Support programs that facilitate housing needs in our community
  • Educate the community about the power of local housing advocates and philanthropists
  • Connect local housing advocates with other local housing advocates who are interested in building a better housing environment for all


What is a giving circle?

A giving circle is a form of participatory philanthropy by a group of individuals who form a voluntary association to donate their money or time. The group then decides how to allocate these resources to charitable organizations or community projects.

Why does the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of REALTORS need a giving circle?

In 2022, members identified the need for a local fund focused on programs that support local housing-related charities.

Will a giving circle work in our unique community?

GACAR Giving Circle was modeled after the Women's Giving Circle (of Gainesville) that has been awarding grants since 2006. Women's Giving Circle has $1.1 million invested into the community, helping over 45 nonprofit organizations, and has awarded 118 grants since 2006. Watch a clip on the Women's Giving Circle impacts.

Who manages the GACAR Giving Circle Funds?

Giving Circle monies will be held in investment funds established and managed by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida (CFNCF). GACAR Giving Circle Committee Members will vote to determine how the grant funds are distributed each year. A small portion of funds will be kept for endowment.

Can anyone give at any amount?

Yes; however, there are minimums if you want to have a vote in how the funds are used in the community. Only GACAR Giving Circle Committee Members get a vote to determine which grant(s) receive funding.

How do I become a GACAR Giving Circle Committee Member?

Being a donor is open to all who wish to further the mission and vision of the GACAR Giving Circle through financial support. GACAR members who have been in the business less than 5 years must contribute at least $500 to be a voting member and everyone else (members and non-members) must contribute at the $1,000 level (or more) to be a voting member.

Is there a deadline that the total contribution must be paid?

GACAR Giving Circle Members must be current in their payment as of January 31 to be eligible to vote and serve on GACAR Giving Circle Committees.

What community projects are eligible to receive GACAR Giving Circle Grant Funds?

An organization's proposal must comply with the GACAR Giving Circle mission statement. Grants will fund programs that address and improve the housing needs for local area residents.

Who is eligible to receive grant funds?

GACAR Giving Circle will consider proposals from not-for-profit organizations physically located in the North Central Florida area and qualified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code or classified as a unit of government.

What is the GACAR Giving Circle decision/ approval process for grants?

At the start of each year grant applications will be collected with the help of CFNCF. GACAR Giving Circle Committee Members will review and narrow down the pool of grants. The pool of grant finalist will then be voted on by all GACAR Giving Circle Committee Members.

What portion of funds go to the endowment?

Only GACAR Giving Circle Committee Member funds will have a portion put into the endowment. Of the GACAR Giving Circle Committee Member funds 10% will be put into the endowment.

If I give to Amazing Give through GACAR, does that contribution go toward becoming a GACAR Giving Circle Committee Member?

No. The Amazing Give is a one day special giving fundraiser with funds going directly to the charity you select. Only dollars going into the GACAR Giving Circle fund will count toward becoming a GACAR Giving Circle Committee Member.


Giving Circle

Here are photos from projects before the GACAR Giving Circle. Think of where we can go from here?!   ...All GACAR photos can be found on Flickr