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How do I become a REALTOR?

To become a REALTOR, you must obtain your Real Estate License with the State of Florida (DBPR).  Once your license is acquired with DBPR,  you’ll need to research and apply to a local Real Estate Broker/Firm.  Once your New Broker hangs your license with their Firm/Office in DBPR, you have 10-business day to join the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors known as GACAR.   Once you’re onboarded with GACAR, you’ll complete your final steps to become a Realtor. JOIN NOW

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How much are REALTOR dues?

REALTOR Dues are prorated by the month.  The amount due is solely based on the month you’re onboarded with GACAR.  GACAR Fees include Local, State and National dues plus (if applicable) any Local Service Center (LSC) fees for Stellar MLS access.  Stellar MLS dues are required to gain access to their Listing Service.  Once onboarded with GACAR, you’ll pay your initial fees to GACAR.  If applicable, Stellar MLS will then send any additional payments required to onboard you with Stellar MLS. PRORATED FEES


GACAR:  January 1 - December 31 (due by November 30th each year)

Stellar MLS:  June 1 - May 31 (due by May 1 each year)

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How is the market doing?

Check out the local MARKET STATISTICS

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How do I sign up for a class or event?

To sign up for a class or event you are already on the correct site just in the wrong spot. CLICK HERE to be brought to the correct spot, find your class or event and follow the registration directions.

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How do I transfer Brokerages?   When a GACAR Members moves from one Broker/Office to another:
  1. Current Broker needs to move you to inactive in DBPR.
  2. The New Broker needs to complete a RE-11 with the State to transfer Member to their office in DBPR.
  3. Once your license has been transferred in DBPR, a completed Transfer Packet is needed to make the change with GACAR, Stellar MLS, Supra, NAR and FR.
  4. There is a $75 processing fee to make the transfer.

Please complete and return the TRANSFER PACKET  with all of your updated information.  NOTE: A transfer cannot be completed until ALL documents, including the $75 processing fee, have been submitted GACAR.  For more assistance with the transfer process, please contact the Membership Coordinator at GACAR.


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How do I find a Gainesville-Alachua County REALTOR?

SEARCH for a Gainesville-Alachua County Association of REALTOR (GACAR) member.

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How do I verify a license?

Verify a real estate license at DBPR

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How many CE Credits do I need?

14 CE credits are needed every two years to renew your license with the State of Florida (DBPR). Three of those credits should be Core Law which needs to be taken every two years.  You can check the status of your credits by logging on to  GACAR offers an array of courses for our Members. There is no charge for Members to take advantage of GACAR’s annual classes. Exception: Fees apply to Designation and Specialty courses.

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How do I check my CE Credits?

You can check your CE Credits on DBPR

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How do I join a committee or council?

Committee and Council sign-ups are typically at the start of the year, but don't let that stop you!  Contact the Chair or the liaison for the next step.


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Who is in charge of GACAR?

GACAR is governed by a Board of Directors.


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I’m currently licensed and hold Membership with another Board.  How do I get my Supra eKey to work for GACAR listings?

To Cooperate your Supra eKey with GACAR, complete and submit a Cooperating eKey Request.  Click here for Cooperating eKey Request form link.  Return the form to  Please allow up to 24-hours to process.  You’ll be notified via email once your request has been completed.

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Does a Member still have to pay dues if they move their license to inactive?

It depends on the timing of your change in license status.  When a Member decides to move their license to Inactive OR Referral Status in DBPR, Broker needs to make the change in DBPR.  Broker and/or Member then need to notify GACAR of this license change in DBPR.  GACAR will then terminate your membership(s) to include: GACAR, Stellar MLS and if applicable, access to Supra.  If Member decides to reactivate their license, Broker MUST move license status back to active in DBPR.  NOTE: Member MUST reapply for Membership with GACAR within 10-business days of license reactivation in DBPR.

Reinstate within one-year period of going inactive: $125.  Reinstate after one-year of inactivity: $350 application fee will apply.  Depending on the timing of reinstatement, additional fees may apply.  Association fees are non-refundable.  Please contact Membership Coordinator for further clarification.

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