Vote by Mail


Go online or send an email with the information below to register to vote by mail.
Full Name
Date of birth
Residential address
Election period: receive mail-in ballots until 12/31/2022

Go online: Register to Vote-by-Mail

Tell me more about vote-by-mail

  • Vote from the comfort of your home
  • Vote in advance, whenever it's convenient
  • Avoid crowds and skip the long lines at the polls
  • It's free and easy to sign up


If I register to vote-by-mail, does that mean I can't vote at the polls?
No, you still have the option to early voting or voting at your local precinct on election day.

What if I don't want to email my local Office of Elections?
You can visit your local Office of Elections website to fill out an online form.
Click here

Any issues, call the Alachua Office of Elections at (352) 374-5252

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