Supra updates and improvements before end of 2018


Supra is working diligently to improve all aspects of the eKEY.  New design and features to improve productivity with a modern look.

The updates of the app will allow for Apple Watch compatibility. New agent alerts allows an agent to quickly and easily send an alert email or text to 3 people identified by agent along with a link to a map of the key’s location.2018_apple_watch_compatibility


Increase speed and convenience of keybox opens with use of phone’s built in biometric feature and once a day PIN feature. Apple Watch Bonus Feature: Enter PIN once a day in phone- no need to enter it in Apple Watch for the day.

2018_new_showing_data_croppedNew showing data! Expanded showing information, start and end of showing, and showing feedback for the eKEY basic.

Data at the Door. Become an instant expert on a property while there. Listing data and photo display on keybox open. Receive last minute instructions and notifications. These features allow you to stop printing and carrying listing data sheets.

Improved authorization system. New system allows code to be easily emailed and hyperlinked for faster implementation. 

The eKEY Professional has a few updates including new buyer roster, integrated and updated listing data, last minute remote showing notes, and ability to connect with buyers by inviting them to NEW Supra Home Tour app.

The launch of these updates and features is scheduled before the end of 2018. Listing photos and supra home tour may be several weeks after the launch; however, you can demo the supra home tour app now!

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