REALTOR in Need: Tom Levy


Tom Levy’s Recovery Fund

On September 12, our friend Tom Levy underwent surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor (glioma). While the surgeon believes most of the tumor was removed and Tom has responded well to post-surgery questions, we are awaiting the pathology results. Tom will likely need chemotherapy and radiation. He will need speech therapy, and his ability to speak will likely get worse before it gets better. During his recovery, he will be unable to work. 

Tom is a Gainesville realtor and past board member of GACAR. He grew up in Gainesville, graduated from BHS in 1979, and has a 17-year old son, Julian, who he adores and supports. An avid cyclist, fisherman, gardener, writer, and debater, Tom has the physical and mental strength to fully recover –  he just needs support from his friends and community.

Tom’s condition came on suddenly, without warning.  He has health insurance, but he does not have funds to cover his expenses while he focuses on his recovery. Without sufficient support from his friends, he will not be able to pay for his rent, utilities, medical and therapy expenses not covered by insurance, and other costs of living. All funds collected in this online campaign will go directly to cover Tom’s expenses as they arise. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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