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What is the URL (website) for the Paragon System?

Why the Change?

  • Enhanced user experience without losing historical data
  • Enhanced access to the MLS system across all technical devices: computer, tablet, and smart phone
  • Ability to utilize current MLS features, plus new ones

Why Paragon?

  • We looked at several MLS products, narrowed it down to 2. Then, both Boards of Directors, Committee Chairs and 25 Top Producers were invited to see live demos of those two.  Paragon was the favorite!

Where can I check for the latest news, announcements, and reminders for the MLS conversion?

  • News, announcements, and reminders regarding the MLS conversion will be available on,

When will we begin noticing any changes?

  • Refer to Important Paragon Dates document on  
  • While we will be working diligently in the background (updating input sheets, mapping data, working with third-party vendors, etc.), you won’t notice any changes in Innovia.

When will the parallel period take place?

  • 9/26/16, the parallel process began. We will run “parallel” for 45 days with the final cut-over being November 14th.

What does running parallel mean?

  • Except for Listing Input and Maintenance, Paragon is fully functional to start using as your MLS system. Parallel means that Paragon is up and running almost live. The listing database in Paragon is updated via a listing data transfer every 1 to 2 hours from Innovia. So no Listing Input or Maintenance happens in Paragon yet. Since listings are coming over from Innovia, Paragon's auto search/auto notify module will work and is a perfect time to start transferring those customers to Paragon. Your listing or maintenance may not be immediately seen in Paragon as it needs the 1-2 hour time process to gather those from Innovia.
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