New Rental Ordinance has huge fiscal impacts


Several Gainesville-Alachua County Association of REALTORS (GACAR) members have been very involved in this topic. You may have heard the radio ad, gotten a direct mail piece (Mail Piece 1, Mail Piece 2), or seen the digital ads on Facebook.

GACAR now has the fiscal impact of the ordinance. Download Fiscal Analysis.

According to this professional study, these new rental rules would cost Gainesville rental property owners between $22 million and $46 million. Plus, there would be nearly $3 million new city fees every year, and $8 million in certification costs every eight years. These huge financial burdens will be carried by Gainesville’s rental property owners. They will likely be forced to raise rents in order to keep their business alive during this already difficult time.

You may recall 2019 GACAR President Heather Swanson released a memo in October 2019 that asked members to get involved. The memo also provided a letter to send to your sphere of influence. Here is an updated version that you can customize once downloaded.

Need more talking points? Here is a list of GACAR’s talking points

“If investors/landlords have to meet Gainesville’s minimum rental standards in order to get their landlord permit issued, they will raise rents in order to compensate for the modifications enforced by the city” Gainesville Sun, 7/3/19

Help protect Gainesville property owners and renters by contacting your City Commission. Say NO to the New Rental Ordinance, remove mandatory inspections, maintain state statues, and improve education for all involved to help keep rentals available and affordable.

Contact City Commission
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