New Fields in Paragon

There are two new conditionally required fields being added in the Residential and Attached property classes on August 21st, 2018. The trigger for these fields will be “Yes” in the “Currently Leased Y/N” field (line 67 in Residential and line 77 in Attached - from the top of the input page). 
The two new fields are:
  • “Date Available”
  • “Lease Managed By” - dropdown options will be “Listing Office”, “Other” and “Owner”.
In addition to the two new fields, the existing “Lease End Date” and “Rental Amount” fields will also become required when the “Currently Leased Y/N” field is marked “Yes” in Residential and Attached. The 2 existing fields and the 2 new fields which will be triggered by the “Currently Leased Y/N” field will be hidden until the value of “Yes” is entered.
These changes will live and in the system on August 21st.
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