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What is the URL (website) for the Paragon System?

What happens if I don’t attend Paragon Essentials (mandatory training)?

  • Nothing happens; however, you won’t have the proper full access credentials to enter Paragon after cut over date, 11/14/16 until Paragon Essentials or the Online Paragon Academy for Essentials is completed your account will remain locked.

Why the Change?

  • Enhanced user experience without losing historical data
  • Enhanced access to the MLS system across all technical devices: computer, tablet, and smart phone
  • Ability to utilize current MLS features, plus new ones

Why Paragon?

  • We looked at several MLS products, narrowed it down to 2. Then, both Boards of Directors, Committee Chairs and 25 Top Producers were invited to see live demos of those two.  Paragon was the favorite!

Where can I check for the latest news, announcements, and reminders for the MLS conversion?

  • News, announcements, and reminders regarding the MLS conversion will be available on,

When will we begin noticing any changes?

  • Refer to Important Paragon Dates document on  
  • While we will be working diligently in the background (updating input sheets, mapping data, working with third-party vendors, etc.), you won’t notice any changes in Innovia.

When will the parallel period take place?

  • 9/26/16, the parallel process began. We will run “parallel” for 45 days with the final cut-over being November 14th.

What does running parallel mean?

  • Except for Listing Input and Maintenance, Paragon is fully functional to start using as your MLS system. Parallel means that Paragon is up and running almost live. The listing database in Paragon is updated via a listing data transfer every 30 minutes from Innovia. So no Listing Input or Maintenance happens in Paragon yet. Since listings are coming over from Innovia, Paragon's auto search/auto notify module will work and is a perfect time to start transferring those customers to Paragon. Your listing or maintenance may not be immediately seen in Paragon as it needs the 30 minutes time process to gather those from Innovia.

When does the old system shut down and Paragon goes Live?

  • 11/11/16, Innovia will be set to read only. This means that no more Listing Input and Maintenance will happen in your old system (Innovia). Innovia will be available as a read only system until it is shut down permanently on 11/14/16
  • Paragon will go live on Monday morning, 11/14/16 at 12am.
  • Innovia and Paragon will be read only from 11/11/16 @12am to 11/14/16 @12am. This means no data may be entered into MLS during this time.

Will my login credentials change?

  • No; however, you will need to complete Paragon Essentials or Paragon Academy Online to have your account unlocked

What happens if I don’t attend Paragon Essentials (mandatory training)?

  • Nothing happens; however, you won’t have the proper full access credentials to enter Paragon after cut over date, 11/14/16 until Paragon Essentials or the Online Paragon Academy for Essentials is completed.

When, How, and Where will Training be Available?

  • Training will be required to get your *full access login credentials. There will be PLENTY of training opportunities. Starting October 14th there will also be an online training option to complete at your convenience. View available classes at Be sure to check back as more classes are added

What about cost?

  • We are able to offer this state-of-the-art program to you at no additional cost!  You will notice dozens of new and improved features! View the feature comparison sheet on

What LISTING data is being brought over from the old system?

  • All of the listing data, including pictures, will be brought over from the Innovia system. Including Sold listings. Listing History will also be brought over with whatever data was kept in Innovia. Listing History may not be available until Paragon is live.

Will my contacts and prospects be transferred to Paragon?

  • Yes. All contacts/prospects that were in Innovia up to 9/19/16 were transferred to Paragon. This only happens once so any new contacts/prospects added or updated to Innovia after that date will have to be added/updated manually in Paragon. You can do this during parallel time.

You will get a NEW customer portal that you will set up and send listings to.

  • Go through the Client Connect Preferences Wizard to set up your new portal. It is a one and done set up. After that set up is complete, you can start sending listings to the new portal for your customers. Client Connect Portal is part of the auto-notifications process. To learn how to set this up for your customers, go to the Help Site on Paragon and go to Recorded Webinars. In the list that appears on the right, look for Client Connect or Contact Manager with Client Connect, either will help you start this tool. There will be classes on this during the "Go Live" week to Paragon and advanced classes after you have gone live with Paragon.

Your customers will have to re-select their listing preferences in client connect.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot automatically preserve their Favorites, Possible, Rejected listings to Client Connect. Either the customer will have to re-set their Favorites, Possible, or Rejected listings or the Agent can do that for them. The Customer could use this process to re-determine their preferences in the listings.

Are Paragon displays similar to the ones we use now?

  • Yes. In Paragon displays are referenced as reports.  Paragon is recreating some of the common reports used in Innovia so you have consistency in reports for you and your customer. There will be other reports available that are standard in Paragon (coming soon). Appraisers have the 1004 Market Conditions report that they need for their appraisals.

My website uses RETS data, will it break?

  • Yes. Paragon and Innovia will be running simultaneously from Sept. 26th to Nov. 14th. Within the first 2 weeks of this parallel period, we will be reaching out to your IDX/RETS vendors.  We will be issuing new credentials along with the access URL and RETS support information.  During this time, IDX/RETS vendors will be able to access data feeds for setup and testing before Innovia goes away on Nov. 14th. Please note that this only applies to active RETS accounts which have a current data license agreement in force.

Will we have a mobile version of Paragon on our smartphones?

  • Yes; however, it will not be available until Tuesday, October 4th
  • The mobile software allows you to search for listings, email, see listing pictures, radius search, and see listings on a map.

What will I learn in the mandatory 3 hour MLS conversion training?

  • How to login and navigate through the new system
  • How to perform common actions (e.g., pull inventory, search, run reports, send e-mails, print, etc.)

Should I bring my laptop/tablet with me to the make-up MLS training?

  • Members may bring their laptop/tablet to the training to take notes, but the MLS training will be a demonstration presentation only. Instructors do not have the time to address individual computer issues

Are there any resources I can view before taking the 3 hour mandatory MLS conversion training?

I have a question that isn’t covered on the FAQs document, how should I submit a question?

Please e-mail questions to Danny Maldonado

Who should I contact if my Paragon login or password doesn’t work?

  • Please contact the GACAR office at (352) 332-8850 if you have Paragon login or password problems.

Who do I need to go to if I need support (e.g., IT, questions, concerns, etc.) with Paragon?

  • GACAR/MLS Staff is cross trained and will attempt to help. Danny Maldonado ( is the tech on Staff.
  • NEW – Members now have direct Tier 1 support for MLS questions and concerns.
  • 1- 877-MLS-HELP (877-657-4357)
  • Hours:
    • Monday through Friday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., ET
    • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., ET
    • Sunday: 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., ET

Is there an opportunity for me to give any input on the new system?

  • We have already made changes to the input sheets that will be reflected in the new system.  However, the beauty of this new system is the ease of making changes.  Suggestion properly submitted on the MLS Suggestion Form (available on Standard Forms) will be considered for future enhancements.


Please use this parallel time to your advantage. There will be some tweaking of data, fields, configurations, enhancements to Paragon during this time. This is normal in order to have Paragon ready to go on the "Go Live" date. But you can use this time to transition yourself before it becomes Business Critical.

  • Come to one of many classes presented on Getting Started with Paragon. This will help you become familiar with the tools and navigation of the Essentials an Agent needs to continue their daily business.
  • Spend 30 minutes a day in Paragon to familiarize yourself with the navigation and where things are.
  • Do an MLS # search for your Active listings and make sure that the listing data is correct. Let your MLS know if something isn't correct.
  • Do a normal search for listings as you would for a buyer, email them to yourself or print out a couple to test.
  • If you want, you can customize your search templates, grids/spreadsheets, add Agent Images and Logos. They will be retained during the parallel period. A preferences "Wizard" will start automatically when you first login to walk you through the steps of putting in Agent and Logo images.
  • Check on your Contacts that came over. Make updates and additions as needed.
  • Start the auto-search/auto-notification process for those Buyers in Paragon and immediately turn them off in Innovia so they are not getting two emails of the same listing.
  • When the time comes for Paragon to go live, you will be ready.

What devices, operating systems and browsers can I use in Paragon?

Computer operator Paragon is a very dynamic MLS System.
* You can use desktop, laptop and notebook PCs and MACs.
* You can use your iPad, Android, and MS Surface Tablets.

Paragon Compatible Browsers

Keep your operating systems and browsers up to date.

Click here to download free compatible browsers.