Introductng our 2019 MLS Board of Directors

November 1, 2018 09:58 PM

The reason our MLS is so great is because the level of volunteers we have at the helm.  All the candidates were well qualified and ready for the position. While not all the candidates can win Gainesville MLS members win regardless.
Congratulations to our newly elected MLS Board of Directors

Gia_Arvin Gia Arvin Vice President
Gary_Thomas Gary Thomas Secretary-Treasurer
Rebecca_Johnson Rebecca Johnson Director
blank-profile-picture-973460_1280 Leslie Suskin  

The following Directors return to duty on the 2019 MLS Board of Directors:

Mike Kitchens President
Dave Ferro President-elect
Tanya Chappell Immediate Past President
Heather Swanson Director (2019 GACAR President)
Allison Ables Director
Tommy McIntosh Director
Patti Moser Director

Be sure to congratulate and thank our stellar MLS leaders
view the 2018 MLS Board of Directors

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