Get Out the Vote! 2020 is a big election year

2020 City of Gainesville Election & Presidential Preference Primary on Tuesday, March 17th. Polls are open from 7:00am to 7:00 pm. Early voting starts Friday, March 6th and ends Saturday, March 14th. Everyone in Gainesville can vote for Gainesville City Commission At Large, Seat 2. City Commission District 2 & 3 are also on the ballot. 
Gainesville City Election: Tuesday, March 17
Early Voting: 3/6-3/14 (Find early voting locations)
NEW LOCATION for precinct 23 & 61 (read more)
Supervisor of Elections website for more information
  1. Do you support or oppose the city ordinance that prohibits no more than 3 unrelated individuals from living in a residence? Why?
  2. The current Commission has discussed housing affordability.   As REALTORS, we tend to look at the cost to both acquire the dwelling and occupy the dwelling on an ongoing basis as factors that affect affordability.  In addition to the purchase price we look at ongoing costs such as property taxes, association fees, property insurance, gas, electricity, water, sewer and waste disposal as factors that affect affordability.  In your opinion is housing affordable to acquire and occupy in Gainesville?  Please help us understand what data you use to justify your position.  What is the Commission’s role in influencing that data?
  3. What will you do to ensure housing affordability for current and future residents?
  4. What does Gainesville look like after your first term in office?
  5. In November 2017 Ed Bielarksi was quoted in the Gainesville Sun that GRU could lower electric rates by 8-10% because of the purchase of the biomass plant.  8 months later in July 2018 the Commission voted to increase GRU rates by 2%.  In his February 2019 white paper "GRU at a Crossroads" Mr. Bielarski tells us that conservation programs are actually costing GRU revenue of over 13 million per year.  In the past 2 years the information is confusing.  Does the commission have a role in communicating clear and accurate information to the GRU ratepayers?
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