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Gainesville Housing Action Plan

GACAR will be livestreaming a strategic panel discussion on Wednesday, February 3rd at 10:00am concerning the City of Gainesville's Housing Action Plan. Members can view the discussion live on GACAR's business page, and are encouraged to participate by voicing their questions and concerns in the livestream's comments section. Please note, questions for the panelists will be taken directly from the comments section.

Moderator- Gia Arvin, Florida REALTORS Treasurer and local Broker
Panelist- Dave Ferro, Past GACAR & MLS President and local Broker
Panelist- Heather Swanson, Past GACAR President and local REALTOR
Panelist- Jeremy Thomas, Past GACAR President and local REALTOR
Panelist- Cherrie Hughes, local REALTOR
City Housing Representative - Phimetto Lewis & staff

Topics of Focus
1. ADUs
2. 3 unrelated rule
3. Linkage Fees
4. Missing aspects- GRU, RTS, Jobs, and Infrastructure
5. Strategic Partnerships- suggestions for strategic partnerships
6. Employer Assisted Housing Program

For more information, please contact our Government Affairs Director, Matt Umanos, at

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