Annual RETS Feeds Renewal EXTENDED



*** PLEASE NOTE: An extension has been granted for this year's annual RETS feeds renewal cycle. The new due date is now Friday, May 1st .

Please contact our MLS Coordinator, Danny Maldonado at if you have any questions or concerns. 


Have you renewed your RETS feeds this year?


Please note: The RETS fee structure and renewal process has changed. The annual payment is now $50 (formally $200). All RETS accounts are on the same billing cycle (Calendar Year) and will be required to renew and pay the $50 annual fee every new year by April 1st


**“Zillow Feeds” do not require paperwork, only the $50 fee is required to keep it active.


IDX, VOW, and Back End RETS feeds require a new data license agreement for each vendor. However, only one annual fee is owed for each feed type you want to renew. You may have more than one vendor on any given feed without an additional fee.


  • Do I have to pay for every IDX vendor or every website I have?

No. You only have to pay one $50 fee per year for your RETS feed even if you have multiple vendors or multiple websites. However, you should complete one data license agreement per vendor.


  • Where can I find the necessary paperwork to renew my RETS feed(s)?>Members>Documents & Forms


  • Am I the Participant or Subscriber on the Data License Agreement?

The Broker is the Participant, the Agent is the Subscriber and the Vendor is the Consultant.


  • Is the broker required to sign the agreement?

Yes. Your broker is required to sign every agreement.


  • How long does it take for me to get an approval?

If all of the paperwork is in order and the fee(s) have been paid, everything usually gets processed within 24 hours. However, as the deadline approaches, we will likely have a backlog of paperwork to process. Rest assured that if you send everything in by April 1st, your RETS account will remain active.


  • Where do I send completed paperwork?

You may email your completed paperwork to You can mail a check to GACAR, 1750 NW 80th Blvd., Gainesville, FL  32606, Attn: Danny Maldonado. You can fax the agreement and/or RETS order form to (352) 331-7911. You may also call in your payment as well.

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