48 Hour Rule: Listing Not in MLS


Listings not in the MLS

We have had an increase in the number of complaints for listings not being entered into MLS in a timely manner.  There is a longstanding rule, and corresponding fine, for listings that are not Active in the MLS within 48 hours or where the listing agreement has not been filed with the MLS.  The following excerpts are from the MLS Rules and Regulations:

Section 1 Listing Procedures

Listing of real or personal property of the following types which are listed subject to a real estate brokers license, and are located within the territorial jurisdiction of the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of REALTORS® (defined as Alachua County) and are taken by Multiple Listing Service (MLS) participants shall be entered into the MLS database within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after all necessary signatures of the seller (s) and the REALTOR have been obtained.

a. Single family residences for sale or exchange 
b. Vacant lots and acreage for sale or exchange 
c. Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Business Opportunity     for sale or exchange 
d. Mobile Homes attached to real property 
e. Commercial lease 
f. Residential rental

Section 1.3 Exempt Listings

If the seller refuses to permit the listing to be disseminated by the Service, the participant may then take the listing (“office excusive”) and such listings shall be filed with the service but not disseminated to the participants. Filing of the listing should be accompanied by certification signed by the seller that he does not desire the listing to be disseminated by the Service; such certification shall be submitted to the MLS within 48 hours (excepting weekend, holidays and postal holidays) of Broker receiving the certification.


As of July 1, 2019, brokers will be fined $500 for every listing which has not been entered into the MLS within 48 hours of the listing agreement being signed or has not been sent during that time period to the Board for filing. If your listing will not be Active in MLS within 48 hours, please email the listing agreement within the 48 hour period to agreements@gacar.com to avoid the fine. Limit your listing agreements to one per email and include the property’s address in the subject line for easy reference.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Quick history: 24 hour rule was in place. In 2017 the market got very active and GACAR/ GMLS started receiving numerous complaints that listings are not being entered into the MLS timely. July 2017 MLS BoD created the process which utilized agreements@gacar.com, but still only educated members even though fines could have been collected. 24 hours was then extended to 48 hours to enter or submit the listing agreement. Starting July 1, 2019 rule will be enforced and fines will be collected.

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